Flying For (almost) Free

Let’s admit it — we all have a dream trip or destination in mind that we keep putting off because it’s too expensive.

Whether you have a special vacation that you want to take or just want to be able to travel more often, being able to fly on a budget opens up fantastic opportunities to see the world and explore.

Travel Masters offers a series of classes that will teach you, in 2-4 hours, to fly anywhere and anytime you want for (almost) free. Register for a class today!

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  Introductory Class

In this introductory 2-hour class and workshop, you will learn the basics of how you can travel around the world for (almost) free. By the time you finish, you will know:

1. How you can get at least 1 free roundtrip air ticket this year – guaranteed.

2. How you can earn 120,000+ frequent flyer miles per year without ever leaving the ground.

3. The top 3 secrets of frequent flyer programs, which will save you thousands of dollars in future travel.

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  Free Ticket Guarantee

Still not sure?

We guarantee that, using the information from our Travel Masters 101 and 201 classes, you will earn at least 25,000 Frequent Flyer Miles – enough for one free roundtrip plane ticket anywhere in the U.S. ($400+).

We want you to receive results from our classes and believe that what we teach is so effective that, if you take the first two classes and don’t see the results within 180 days, we’ll give you all of the money back.

Take us up on it!

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