All courses are taught by the Travel Masters Academy founder and instructor, Boris Mordkovich.

Boris is a Boston-based technology entrepreneur and seasoned traveler.



Throughout his travel career, he has:

Accumulated almost 500,000 frequent flyer miles over the last year alone using techniques he teaches at Travel Masters Academy.

Visited 60 countries – on almost every continent!

Organized and completed a 27,000km overland expedition from South Africa to London in a 30-year old Land Rover.

Ridden 4,000 miles on a e-bike from New York to San Francisco to promote his company,

Many of these travels have been made possible, in large part, by  the frequent flyer programs and the opportunities and flexibility they offer to travel on a budget. Using miles, he has got nearly free airfaire to China, Taiwan, Philippines, New Zealand, Vancouver, and Seattle – and that’s just this year!

Boris is now glad to share these strategies and techniques with others to make flying more affordable and enable people to travel more, visit their dream destinations and explore the world.

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