We’ve put together the most common questions and answers for your convenience:

This sounds too good to be true!

We understand. After all, when someone tells that you you can fly for almost free after you’ve been paying thousands of dollars for air tickets in the past, we know it can seem odd.

However, what we teach is real, simple and something that the airlines themselves enable other people to do. Simply do a Google search for “flying for free using frequent flyer miles” and you’ll see hundreds of people doing and discussing this.

What we teach is not secret or exclusive information available only to a select few. That information is available out there – but it can be overwhelming, confusing and sometimes outdated, and it will take a few months to learn on your own, especially since airlines don’t have much of an incentive to make it easy for you.

We teach you how you can navigate these programs, earn thousands of frequent flyer miles (without actually flying), and then redeem those miles on airfare to pretty much any destination in the world for free (you just pay the taxes, which average about $5-20 for domestic tickets and ~$100 for international ones).

And since we’re so sure that you’ll find our classes useful, we offer an unconditional “1 free air ticket or your money back” guarantee. So if you don’t find it useful, you’ll get all of your money back!

You keep mentioning “Frequent Flyer Miles”. Do I need to fly a lot to take advantage of this?

Not at all. Traditionally, frequent flyer programs have been created to reward loyal airline customers with free flights. However, we teach you how you can earn thousands of miles and redeem them for almost free tickets without having to fly a single mile.

I’ve tried to use miles before and found it to be difficult. What do I do?

This is because the airlines sometimes make it difficult for travelers to actually use the miles they have earned. Fortunately, there are several ways around it. A significant portion of our classes is dedicated to helping you redeem your hard-earned miles for the trips you really want.

Are you serious about the guarantee?

Yes! Use the information, get the miles, fly for free – or let us know and we’ll pay you back. It’s in our best interest to put you on a plane.

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