We explain everything step-by-step

How can you fly anywhere in the world for almost free?

Mainly, by being an educated consumer and knowing the loopholes and strategies that exist out there. The information we discuss is not a secret, nor is it limited to a select few.

In our classes, we focus on sharing and exploring strategies and techniques that allow people to take advantage of frequent flyer programs that airlines have developed to fly almost-free anywhere in the world. As an example, we teach ways that folks can earn over 120,000 frequent flyer miles every year – without ever leaving the ground or spending a penny.

These strategies are effective, they can work for everyone, and they are a remarkably effective way to lower your travel (air + hotel) costs when traveling internationally or domestically.

Many of the folks who sign up for our classes are skeptical beforehand, but rave about the classes afterwards – just see our reviews on Yelp and Facebook.


You Don’t Have To Fly Frequently

It’s important to explain that, in spite of its name – frequent flyer programs – you can actually take advantage of our information even if you don’t fly frequently at all.

We teach you how you can navigate these programs, earn thousands of frequent flyer miles (without actually flying), and then redeem them on airfare to pretty much any destination in the world for free (you just pay the taxes, which average about $5-20 for domestic tickets and ~$100 for international ones). 

We Explain Everything Step-by-Step.

As we mentioned, the information is not a secret – but it can be overwhelming, confusing and a bit hard to find, especially since airlines don’t have much of an incentive to make it easy.

That’s where we come in.

In our video classes, we’ll explain everything step by step and then provide you with ongoing support and address your questions as you go through the process.

Our job is to break down the concepts, separate facts from fiction and show you exactly what you need to do to make your future travel a reality. We spent years learning it ourselves through research, practice and trial and error – so now we can make it easier and faster for you. Give it a shot – there’s so much to gain!


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